Poatina Resort Village is ideally suited to host your next conference, function, event or camp. If you represent a corporate identity, a volunteer organisation, a church or social group, we would be delighted to make your stay in Poatina a memorable experience.

Nestled at the edge of the Great Western Tiers, Poatina is your perfect destination for that special team building or training program. The tranquility and the stunning beauty of Poatina is the natural ingredient to make your function a success. Away from the hussle of the big city, your people can take time to relate to each other and find ways to relax as well as get through a mountain of work if that’s your goal.

Whether you’re arranging a small meeting, a structured conference, a camp or just a weekend event, this small village in it’s unique location is worth considering.

Once the days work is done, there’s plenty to see and do. We can organise events from a golf tournament to trout fishing in the Great Lake. Or you can watch as they make something unique in the Hot Glass Studio.

There are bushwalks, spectacular waterfalls, mountain bike tracks and plenty of nocturnal wildlife to be seen. Poatina even has its own Labrynth, which is a lot of fun for all ages.

And of course we have a variety of accommodation and conference/meeting rooms available.

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